Dept of Botany

The Department of Botany in KunzhiKuttanThampuran Memorial (KKTM) Govt. College during the early years of inception offered pre-graduate courses only. Taking into consideration the need for offering an opportunity for higher education to the students of this remote area, majority (over 80%) of which are girls, a Bachelors degree course was started in the Department in the year 1999.

The focal idea of the Department is to offer scholarly level of learning in the theory and practical of Plant Sciences there by projecting the course and students to the National standards of learning and skill development. Mission: The department strives to be a leader in imparting quality education and research opportunity to promote the standards of the students to make them more suited for the mounting challenges of the academic and professional world. Fostering to the needs of the society, the department aspires to provide an environment of excellence to attract quality students to produce well trained and responsible personals to participate in the development of the nation.
Our Motto : “Teach to Learn”
Best practices of the department: • Interactive classes using power point presentations and seminars • Students are encouraged to take up discussions and debates in the class to improve their general knowledge and communicative skills. • Use of Virtual labs for the inductive training in practical sessions. • Regular remedial classes are conducted to help students understand their lessons better. • Students are provided free access to the internet facility for academic purposes. • Lab facilities for project work are provided even after office hours. • Students are encouraged to attend seminars conducted by other colleges. • Students are given opportunity to experience actual scientific research and are encouraged to present their findings in form of research papers during seminars and symposiums. • Use of live specimens for demonstrations and explanations as well as maintenance of a “live museum” of specimens other than the normal preserved specimens. • Repository of plants of various groups in the botanical garden.
Courses offered
Department of Botany offers B.Sc. Programme in BOTANY under Choice based Credit and Semester System designed by the University of Calicut with Chemistry and Zoology as Complementary courses and. Approved intake of students is 32 following all the reservation norms by the Govt. of Kerala.


Benoy Thomas M P
M.Sc., NET