Gender Justice

CONVENER                :        Dr. Ushakumari G., Professor of Malayalam


Dr. Shaji EM, Associate Professor of Zoology
Smt. Honey Sabu, Asst. Professor of English

Sri. Dileep Kumar VK, Lab attender, Zoology

Smt.Rasmi C.S, Selection Clerk

Sri.Shyamjith K.S ,UG Student Representative

Sreelakshmy , UG student Representative

Sneha P, PG Student Representative


Govt. of Kerala has introduced a forum for gender justice in higher education institutions as per the govt. order 973/2021 H.edn dept. dated 29.07.2021.  K.K.T.M.Govt. College, Pullut has constituted the forum strictly following the structure of gender justice forum as per the rules on 04.08.2021.

Structure of the gender justice forum
Dr. G .Ushakumari , Associate Professor(Malayalam)  has been appointed as the chairperson. Dr. E. M. Shaji (Associate Professor, Zoology), Dr. Manju. P.M. (Asst. Professor, Sanskrit) were appointed as members from teaching faculties.  Mr.Vijil.P.M. , Smt. Resmi.C.S from Non-teaching staff , Gopika.E.P (PG 3rd sem History), Lakshmi.O.J (PG 3rd sem  Malalylalam), Mr. Salman.P ( 5 th sem Bsc. Mathematics)  were also added as members from students group.


Gender justice 2022-23


Gender Justice Forum 2021