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The first Ph.D.Open Defence from department of Malayalam Of Mr. Muhammed Basheer K.K  on  12.06.2020 AT 10.30 AM

Open Defence Of .Mr. Muhammed Basheer K.K. ,Asst.Professor of  Malayalam,KKTM Govt.College,Pullut will be held on 12.06.2020 AT 10.30 AM at Department of Malayalam,KKTM Govt.College,Pullut under the guidance of Dr.G.Ushakumari, Associate Professor and HOD of Malayalam, KKTM Govt.College,Pullut.


The first Phd from KKTM Govt College  and from the Department of Malayalam has been bagged by Mr. Muhammed Basheer K.K, Assistant Professor of Malayalam on 14th July 2020 from Calicut University under the guidance of Dr.G.Ushakumari

Phd Certificate – Dr. Muhamed Basheer K. K.