Nature Club 


CHAIRPERSON    :                Principal

CONVENER         :              Smt.Raga R, Asst.Professor of Botany



Nature Club Report 2022-23

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Biodiversity and Sustainable Tourism in Kerala  27-2-2023


Nature club in association with Department of Botany had conducted a nature food fest under the title “Naturae Foodie” on 23 October 2019. The main aim of the food fest was to create awareness to students and teachers regarding the importance of naturally available food and also to aware them about the harmful effects of junk foods. The fest also focused to promote eating of green salads as a measure to improve health. The programme was led by II year BSc Botany students with warm cooperation from first year and final year students. All of them were given proper guidance from teachers of Botany department. Second year students came with prepared organic food from their houses and exhibit the same. The various food includes variety of dosas, Puttu, Adas, boiled tubers like tapioca, yams, various green vegetable thorans. In the center of the exhibition hall the students arranged a microgreen table containing a variety of sprouted seeds like peas, raggi, amaranathus, grams etc. Our beloved Principal Dr. Anitha I, inaugurated the food fest by making a green salad and sharing the same with Mrs Rameena K Jamal. The exhibition also sold a variety of green juices like raw mango juice, emblica juice, Jambose juice as new generation health drinks. For large scale sale, tapioca was donated by Dr Nesy E A, HoD of Botany and it was boiled and supplied along with green chilly-onion chutney. The lab assistants Mr. Umesh and Mrs. Sonia assisted the students for this. Charts were displayed throughout the exhibition hall for enlighten the students regarding the significance of nature food. Most of the Teachers, students and non teaching staff were visited the fest and remarked as a finest activity from the Botany department and nature club. The food fest was over by 1.30pm on the same day.


Botany department in association with Nature club had conducted a sale of vegetable seedlings under the title “Green Sale”. The sale was conducted on the 23 October 2019 as a extension wing of food fest. The major purpose of the sale was to promote making of vegetable garden or kitchen garden in each and every houses of the students and teachers of KKTM Govt college and thereby develop sustainable agricultural practices among students and teachers as well as to improve their own health by eating pollution and pesticide free vegetables. The sale includes seedlings of brinjal, tomato, chilli, and winter crops like cabbage and cauli flower. Teachers and students from various departments actively participated and purchased seedlings for their home and some of them give a better feed back after three months of sale by sending photos of fully grown plants in the harvested state.


To create an understanding among students about the life cycle pattern of varied plants, to know how they are interacting each other and finally to develop a empathetic mind for caring the earth, Botany department in association with Nature Club conducted a miniature model exhibitions on pot terrariums and cactariums on 23 October, 2019 along with Naturae Foodie. By watching these tiny models of ecosystems raise the awareness on earth and how importance is maintaining harmony among organisms. Students of Botany department made both by getting inspiration from the teachers of the department. The viewers admired and encouraged the students behind this.


Nature club and Botany department jointly conducted an Encounter with Campus Flora to familiarize the interested students about plants of the KKTM College Campus. Dr. Nesy E A, HoD, Department of Botany pleasurably accepted our invitation to coordinate the programme. The main aim of the activity was to know the biodiversity existing in the flora of the campus and there by aware the students about the importance of conservation and preservation of plants for the well being of us and also for future generation. Students were actively participated in the activity with curiosity and learnt the diversified campus plants, their significance and role in the various fields of biology and medicine.


As a part of wet land day on February 2, Nature club conducted a field visit to nearby mangrove flora of Kombathukadavu near pullut. A group of students of club led by the Dr. Ajithkumar T.G. a and Sri Umesh (lab assistant, Botany Department) visited the place on 10 February 2020. Students explored the land and familiarize various mangrove plants like Avicennia officinalis, Rhizophora mucoronata. Aacanthus ilicifolius and mangrove associates like Acrostichum, Derris trifoliata etc. Students entered the vegetation created by mangroves and its associates to see the adaptations of mangroves like vivipary, pneumatophores, salt exctertion etc. By visiting the place the students gathered awareness regarding the flora and fauna of this wetland and species richness in the selected area. A short study class and discussion was conducted on the way explaining the significance of mangroves in the area like absorption of pollutants, mitigating flood in coastal areas, improving water quality and breeding area for various aquatic fauna. After spending two more hours in the area, we returned to the college by 3.30pm.

Apart from this Nature club in association with department of Botany planned to conduct a class on “BIODIVERSITY LOSS AFTER FLOOD IN KERALA” on 24 2020 at 1.30pm in Botany lab. The class was led by Dr Amitha Bachan, Assistant Professor, Department of Botany, MES Asmabi College, Kodungallur.