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Institutional Distinctiveness:

KKTM Govt.College-Kodungallur Kunhikuttan Thampuran Memorial Government College-situated at Pullut near Kodungallur is named after the great scholar-poet Kunhikuttan Thampuran who came to be called “The Kerala Vyasa” for his brilliant rendering of the great epic, ‘ The Maha Bharatha’ into the vernacular.

KKTM Govt.College owes its origin to the enthusiasm shown and initiative taken by the enlightened people of Kodungallur nearly four decades ago. The college was established on 1st July 1965,to commemorate the services rendered by the late poet Kunhikuttan Thampuran to Malayalam literature. The inspiration behind KKTM Govt.College is the belief that an educational institution would be a fitting memorial for his enviable literary achievements.The college was managed by a trust, Kodungallur Kunhikuttan Thampuran Education Trust, until it was taken over by the Govt.of Kerala in 1972 as per G.O (MS) 108/72/Edn.dt 17th May 1972.


Enlightenment of the society at large by endowing all students with value- oriented higher education, excellent expertise to face the challenges of life, wisdom to acquire mastery in life skills, aptitude to transform India into a happy, prosperous and powerful nation and empowerment for a worthy global citizenship.


To provide high quality value based higher education to the students by offering equitable educational opportunities through ample access to the best human and material resources facilitating excellent education in science and technology as well as literature and humanities in a conducive learning environment, thus paving way to overcome the social, economic and educational backwardness of the region.