About Us


Institutional Distinctiveness:

KKTM Govt.College-Kodungallur Kunhikuttan Thampuran Memorial Government College-situated at Pullut near Kodungallur is named after the great scholar-poet Kunhikuttan Thampuran who came to be called “The Kerala Vyasa” for his brilliant rendering of the great epic, ‘ The Maha Bharatha’ into the vernacular.

Archiving the Locale

KKTM Government college set up a museum and archive repository. It is a convergent space to meet the relics of great tradition and divergent culture.   The institution conceives this project as a reciprocal process of academic community and the public where knowledge can be shared and enriched.

It consists of:

A) Portrait gallery having the portraits of the eminent personalities who contributed the socio, political and cultural milieu.

B) Historical monuments containing  the models of monuments related to the sacred tradition, culture and economy of the land.

C) Repository of local history projects showcasing  the projects which prepared and submitted by our students on behalf of their academic programmes. In doing so, we assure the focus of the academics to turn towards the societal experiences which are directed to appropriate in the higher education sector.

D) Photo gallery of Bharani Festival containing  the visual experiences of the renounced Bharani festival of Kodungallur Bhagavathy Temple. Bharani festival is conducted every year in month of Meenam(March-April) when people from all over Kerala throng their chanting prayers for the blessing of the goddess.

E) History of Occupational Culture focussing on marking the occupation history of Kodungallur. It contains the relic of the tools and mechanism which used by different labour sections.

KKTM Government college, Pullut has always been in the vanguard of celebrating national and international commemorative days while at the same time is determined to observe days for the promotion of gender equity. Apart from this, by celebrating world environment day, a distinct message to love green colour is conveyed which is a veritable insurance to our future. The college is invariably disabled friendly with ramps wherever necessary and tactile signs are also put up at the campus. The energy and water conservation and steps for the materialization of green campus at the college are remarkable. As part of maintaining accountability, energy and green audits are regularly undertaken. The curriculum encompassing topics on inclusiveness, constitutional obligations, tolerance and harmony are taught to students. Students are sensitized to communal harmony and discharge of constitutional obligations. The college is extraordinarily distinctive in its social commitment towards preservation of a historical museum aiming at archiving the locale. It is a factual but less known fact that   Kodungallur has been a hospitable land for many foreigners with diversified socio-cultural and religious background having an avowed goal of flourishing trade. Thanks to this, there was an incessant cultural and pluralistic exchange between the natives of Kodungallur and foreigners. As a grim tribute to this, the college is committed to archiving the locale in the form of a museum comprising of photo gallery of the chieftains lived earlier, replica of festivals and an elegant display of occupations of yesteryears. In addition to this, the college is systematically engineered to get on with two best practices viz implementation of ‘touch of love and promotion of science education. While the former is mainly an outreach program to offer community level services by the campus, the latter is a pilot project piloted by the college aiming at inculcating scientific temper among students. Most of the ailing aged community were distributed medicines free of cost to sustain their life. To promote science education, symposiums, lecture series and laboratory experiments were conducted. This helped students to usher into the threshold of scientific knowledge.

Research Journal
The college is proud of having a prestigious journal “MALAYALAPACHA’  of the Department of Malayalam which is accredited as ‘UGC-CARE’ listed .  Apart from this, Dept. of  MAlayalam have released  peer reviewed journals  ‘COGNIZANCE’.


Enlightenment of the society at large by endowing all students with value- oriented higher education, excellent expertise to face the challenges of life, wisdom to acquire mastery in life skills, aptitude to transform India into a happy, prosperous and powerful nation and empowerment for a worthy global citizenship.


To provide high quality value based higher education to the students by offering equitable educational opportunities through ample access to the best human and material resources facilitating excellent education in science and technology as well as literature and humanities in a conducive learning environment, thus paving way to overcome the social, economic and educational backwardness of the region.