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Alumni play a significant role in the development of a college. The most significant way of alumni support is making financial contributions, used to fund scholarships, support academic programs, and improve infrastructure. In the academic year 2022’-23, the alumni of KKTM Govt. College, Pullut donated an amount of Rs. 14000/- as endowment to students who topped in the UG courses of the college and an amount of Rs. 2500/- as Prof. Dr. Devaki Nanadanan Memorial Award. They have also supported academic programmes like the conduct of World Environment Day Celebrations by offering a sum of Rs. 4000/-. Recognising the need of financial assistance for a student of the Dept. of Malayalam, as well as an alumni member, the alumni donated an amount of Rs. 150778/- for the same. The National Service scheme of the college received a sum of Rs. 4000/- as financial assistance from the alumni. The butterfly garden established by the Dept. of Zoology in 2021’-22 was exclusively accomplished through alumni support. In 2022’23, an additional contribution amounting to Rs. 21600/- was donated towards its maintenance, construction and modification through the construction of a lotus pond. A sum of Rs. 1800/- was contributed for campus cleaning.

Alumni contribution 2022-23

Alumni contribution 2022-23 at a glance


2023 Aug. NAAC Pear team visit is going to take place on 17th and 18th. As part of this, KKTM Alumni Association UAE Chapter is handing over Rs.125000 to College Principal Dr. Shaji E.M. for the activities of the college. UAE Chapter Members  Ramesh Nair, Rejeev Potayil, Pradeep Kumar Kodungallur, Babu Kompadi  and Ajith Polakulath participated in the said function.

2023 NAAC  പിയർ ടീം വിസിറ്റിന്റെ ഭാഗമായി കോളേജിന്റെ വികസന പ്രവർത്തനങ്ങൾക്കായി,  KKTM അലുംനി അസോസിയേഷൻ യു എ ഇ ചാപ്പ്റ്റർ സമാഹരിച്ച തുക (₹ 1,25,000) കോളേജ് പ്രിൻസിപ്പാൾ  ഡോ. ഷാജി ഇ. എം. ന്  കൈമാറുന്നു.
 യു എ ഇ ചാപ്പ്റ്റർ അലുംനി ഭാരവാഹികളായ രമേഷ് നായർ , രെജീവ് പോട്ടയിൽ , പ്രദീപ് കുമാർ കൊടുങ്ങല്ലൂർ , ബാബു കൊമ്പടി , അജിത്ത് പോളക്കുളത്ത് എന്നിവർ പ്രസ്തുത ചടങ്ങിൽ പങ്കെടുത്തു.
The first batch Zoology students Alumni representatives  Subaida teacher and Dr.Sumathi Achuthan handing over  ₹2 Lakhs for the college development activities to the Principal Dr.Shaji.EM on 14-7-2023



Report_Alumni 2023-24


ALUMNI Activities Report 2020-21

ALUMNI Activities Report 2019-20

Financial support given to college union on 22/6/2018

Planting Saplings in College on 3/7/2017

Books donated to malayalam library under the sponsership of Arya Ramachandran

Alumni meet inauguratation by Hon’ble Kerala Educational minister Prof.C.Raveendranath on 7/1/2018

Prof.C.P.Vijayan memorial Cash endowment given to 10 students who scored higher marks in diffrent subject

Financial support given to a student for constructing house on 22/6/2018

Guruvandanam from Alumni meet on7/1/2018

Cheque handed over to Principal for giving Financial support to flood hit old ¤t students on 18/9/2018

Alumni exicutive members 2017/2018

Alumni Treasurer Prof.Shafeeq spoke words of thanks from Alumni meet on7/1/2018

Presidential speech of Hon’ble M.L.A Adv.V.R Sunilkumar from Alumni meet on 7/1/2018

Endowment given to high mark scord student in Part 1 English. Endowment sponserd by Dr.Sulekha Hameed




President   : E.S.Babu                    Secretary : T.K. Sudeer         Treasurer  : T.S.Baiju

                         9895199922                              95626 55 193                                9961292639
Executive Members:
 Name                          Mob.No
Babu Kadambot     81388 10480
Bindhu Shaji            97471 55072
T S Rajeev                 97466 63537
Ramesh Meladoor   94464 09904
T S Sadasivan           70123 17405
Sudeer                      80865 84751
Suniyabili                97478 54662
Umesh Nellay          94473 50678