Centre for Continuing Education, Kerala (CCEK)

President : Principal

Centre Manager  : Dhanya Mohan O, Assistant Professor of Computer Science

contact no: 85476 32409

Members : Binu Mol T.V ,Asst.Prof.of Computer Science

Dr.Deepthi A.N , Asst.Prof. of Mathematics

Smt.Resmi C.S , Section Clerk

Centre for Continuing Education Kerala is an autonomous body set up by the Government of Kerala to promote continuing education programmes in Engineering Colleges/ Arts & Science Colleges and Polytechnic Colleges in the State of Kerala, India. The Centre is dedicated entirely to the growth and development of technical education, industry, business and social amelioration. CCEK offers Vocational Training Program Through College Network.

for more information visit https://www.ccekcampus.org/arts.php

KKTM Govt. College is a sub center of CCEK.


Annual Reports


ccek progress report 2022-23



CCEK handing over MoU to the Principal KKTM Govt.College

5/11/2022 Inauguration of Diplomain Computer Application(DCA) course in KKTM