Anti Ragging

CONVENER  /Nodal Officer              :        Dr.Shaji E. M. , Associate Professor of Zoology

Email id                :

Contact number      : 0480-2802213


1) Sri.Rijoy K J, Asst.Prof. Chemistry

2) Smt.Megha PM., Asst.Prof.Maths

3) Dr.Lovely George,Asst.Prof. Physics

4) Smt.Shany N S, Asst.Prof. History

5) Smt. Benoy Thomas M P,Asst.Prof. Botany

6) Sri. Arun V, Asst.Prof. Physics

7) Dr.Sabna K S,Asst.Prof. Mathematics

8)  Smt.Sabitha P V,Asst.Prof. Physics

9) Dr. Muneer S,Asst.Prof. Malayalam


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 procedure for students to file online Anti Ragging Afltdavit  click here  ->   Anti-Ragging 



Report_Anti-Ragging Committee 2023-24


The anti-ragging committee has made wide arrangements to prevent ragging in the campus of the college soon after its constitution. The first meeting of the committee was convened at the Department of Zoology, in the presence of Convenor and the members of the committee on 10.07.2019. It was decided to distribute posters to all departments, office, library etc to spread awareness on anti-ragging among students. Colour posters were distributed and exhibited in all above-mentioned places of the college campus. The anti-ragging committee also decided to collect duly signed anti-ragging affidavit from both students and their parents and also decided to maintain it in the custody of the convenor of the committee.

Meetings were conducted at regular interval to discuss the various actions to be taken to prevent the menace of ragging from the campus. It was decided to conduct an awareness programme for both junior and senior students.
In this regard, an anti-ragging awareness class were conducted on 18.12.2019. Mr. Shaji E.M., Convenor, Anti-ragging committee welcomed the gathering. The programme was presided over by Dr. Nesy E. A., Vice-principal. Adv. Jisha Jobi (Irinjalakuda Munsiff court) delivered a talk on legal and criminal procedures of ragging. Dr. Deepa B. S. felicitated over the function. Ms. Gopika Rajan (I B.Sc. Zoology) delivered a vote of thanks. The session ended with a pledge taken by the students that they will not directly or indirectly involve in any activities that may hurt the feelings of the juniors. Around 120 students participated in the programme.

The duly filled and signed affidavit mentioning that they will not engage in any ragging related activities was collected from every student including Post Graduate students of this college. All HoDs of major departments submitted the affidavits collected from their students.

The initiatives of the anti-ragging committee were a huge success. No incidents of ragging were reported until now. I would like to express sincere thanks to Chairperson and members of this committee for their valuable efforts.