Webinar by dept of Physics 1/10/20, Maths 1/10/20 ,Chemistry 5/10/20 and Botany 3/10/20

click the link for details   Webinar on Mind & Machine on 01-10-2020 by Dept.of Physics 01.10.2020_Mind and Machine (1)   webinar by Post Graduate Dept of Mathematics 0n 01-10-2020 Webinar maths1-10-2020   International webinar by  Dept of Chemistry 0n 05-10-2020 Webinar chemistry interna5-10-2020   National webinar by  Dept of Botany 0n 03-10-2020 webinar Botany3-10-2020[…]


                                    WELCOME KKTM Govt.College-Kodungallur Kunhikuttan Thampuran Memorial Government College-situated at Pullut near Kodungallur is named after the great scholar-poet Kunhikuttan Thampuran who came to be called “The Kerala Vyasa” for his brilliant rendering of the great epic, ‘[…]