Foot Pedal operated Hand Sanitiser Dispenser by Second year B.Sc. Applied Physics student Akarsh M.H

KICK OUT COVID -19  Department of Physics, KKTM Govt. College has assembled a COVID-19 prevention system. The “ Foot Pedal operated Hand Sanitizer Dispenser” will dispense sanitiser by using one’s foot. Second year B.Sc. Applied Physics student Akarsh M.H, assembled the sanitizer dispenser under the guidance of Assistant Professor Dhanya N P.  All the faculty members[…]

Ph.D.Open Defence Of Mr. Muhammed Basheer K.K on 12.06.2020 AT 10.30 AM

Open Defence Of .Mr. Muhammed Basheer K.K. ,Asst.Professor of  Malayalam,KKTM Govt.College,Pullut will be held on 12.06.2020 AT 10.30 AM at Department of Malayalam,KKTM Govt.College,Pullut under the guidance of Dr.G.Ushakumari, Associate Professor and HOD of Malayalam, KKTM Govt.College,Pullut.                                 Dr.G.USHAKUMARY   […]

Open Course

Dear Students, This is the list of all open Courses for the 5th Semester UG Classes for the academic year 2020-21 offered by K.K.T.M. Govt. College, Under Calicut University syllabus. Please go through all the 8 courses by watching the short video and reading the syllabus attached against each course. Later, you will be requested[…]